Spiders in Families Agelenidae through Mysmenidae

Agelenidae (Funnel-web Weavers)

Agelenopsis sp. (Grass Spider (mating?)) (Willard's Woods)

Agelenopsis sp. (Lower Vine Brook, 9/21/09 2pm)

Agelenopsis sp. (Lexington, 10/8/04 11pm)

male Agelenopsis sp. (Lexington, 7/30/05 11pm)

Agelenopsis sp. (Lexington, 8/22/06 3pm)

male (Lower Vine Brook, 7/29/10 10pm)

All of these may be the same species. Sooner or later I'll try to sort them out.

Agelenopsis naevia

Agelenopsis pennsylvanica

Agelenopsis potteri

Coras aerialis?

Coras juvenilis

Coras lamellosus

Coras medicinalis

Coras montanus?

Tegenaria domestica?

Wadotes calcaratus

Wadotes hybridus


(Lexington, 4/27/02 4pm) He looked like he was about to shed his skin.


no species in MA



pale spotted nocturnalAnyphaenidae sp.? (Burlington)

Hibana gracilis (Lower Vine Brook, 10/25/09 1pm)

Anyphaena celer

Anyphaena pectorosa

Anyphaena fraterna (maybe reaches MA by now due to global warming)

Wulfila saltabunda

Arachosia cubana

Araneidae (Orb Weavers)

Black & yellow argiopeArgiope aurantiafemale egg sac Argiope aurantia (Black & yellow argiope) (Willard's Woods 9/22/02 1pm, 8/30/06 6pm, Parker Meadow, 8/25/12 12pm, Lower Vine Brook, 8/28/12 6pm) The last 4 photos are of a spider my son & I captured and kept for a class project. She laid the egg sac shown here, as well as a second, smaller egg sac, before dying in the middle of September. We fed her grasshoppers, katydids, and beetles, such as the Locust borer in the photos, and at her biggest she was substantially fatter than the spider in the 2nd photo. After laying the egg scan shown here, she lost roughly half her mass and appeared unable to spin a web. We managed to get a grasshopper caught in the silk surrounding her egg sac, which the spider then ate. After that, she started spinning webs again and we continued to feed her (all 4 photos are from this time period). She did not fatten up too much before laying a second egg sac which again cost her about half her mass. This appeared to be too much for her and she died within two or three days.

Argiope trifasciataArgiope trifasciataArgiope trifasciataArgiope trifasciatafemale Argiope trifasciata (Banded Garden Spider) (Lower Vine Brook, 9/13/09 4pm, 9/21/09 2pm, 8/30/11 11am)

Araniella displicatamale (Willard's Woods, 9/9/06 5pm, Dunback Meadow, 5/19/09 11am, Lower Vine Brook, 5/24/15 11am) female Araniella displicata (Six-spotted orb weaver) (Willard's Woods 7/22/02 11am)

Araneus alboventris

Araneus bicentenarius

Araneus bivittatus

Barn Spider UndersideAraneus cavaticus (Barn Spider) (Lexington, 9/1/01 12pm, Lower Vine Brook, 9/22/09 12pm) The first spider shown (2 pictures) made several webs in my garden before constructing its masterpiece -- a nice medium-sized web with supports linking the house and the detatched garage, a span of more than 10 feet!

Araneus cingulatusAraneus cingulatusAraneus cingulatus (Willard's Woods, 9/9/06 5pm)

Araneus corticarius

female male Araneus diadematus (Garden Spider, Cross Spider) (Lower Vine Brook, 9/9/10 9pm, 9/24/11 12pm, 10/8/11 1pm, male 9/11/10 11am)

Araneus gadus

Araneus guttulatus?

Araneus iviei

Araneus juniperi

Araneus marmoreus

Araneus miniatus

Araneus nashoba

Araneus nordmanni

Araneus pegnia

Araneus pratensis? (Willard's Woods, 9/28/05 4pm, Lower Vine Brook, 10/5/08 11am)

Araneus saevus

Araneus thaddeus

Araneus trifoliumShamrock spiderShamrock spiderfemale male Araneus trifolium (Shamrock spider) (Willard's Woods, 9/4/04 2pm, 9/21/02 1pm, 9/21/03 1pm dark females, Lower Vine Brook, 9/11/10 11am light females, 9/24/12 1pm medium females, Willard's Woods, 9/21/13 5pm green striped, Willard's Woods, 9/4/04 2pm males) I am not 100% sure the males are Araneus trifolium.

(Lower Vine Brook, 10/9/11 12pm)

Mangora gibberosa

Mangora placida (Tuftlegged Orbweaver) (Willard's Woods, 5/23/07 4pm)

Mangora maculata

(Lexington, 6/1/02 3pm) These may be Argiope aurantia babies.

Neoscona arabesca (Lower Vine Brook, 7/6/08 12pm, Lexington, 8/7/06, 12am)

Neoscona crucifera

Neoscona domiciliorum

Neoscona pratensis

Larinioides cornutus

Larinioides patagiatus? (Arlington Great Meadows, 4/24/10 11am) Too windy to get a decent photo. I'm not very confident of this identification.

Eustala anastera or cepina (Lower Vine Brook, 8/12/12 1pm) Perhaps immature? It was quite small.

Eustala anastera (Willard's Woods, 5/23/07 4pm) This spider had built a very nice web, but it was so windy that I ended up bumping into it. I had to photograph the spider on a stick to keep it still enough, and even then the photo ended up a bit blurry.

Eustala cepina

Eustala emertoni

Cyclosa conica

Mastophora bisaccata

Mastophora hutchinsoni

Mastophora phrynosoma

Mastophora stowei

Acanthepeira stellata

Cercidia prominens?

Gea heptagon

Hyposinga funebris

Hyposinga pygmaea

Hyposinga rubens

Larinia borealis

Metepeira labyrinthea

Metepeira palustris?

Micrathena gracilis

Micrathena mitrata

Ocrepeira ectypa

Singa eugeni?

Zygiella x-notata

Zygiella atrica

Zygiella nearctica?


Clubionidae (Sac Spiders)

Help Identify Me! (Lexington, 5/5/06 12am & 4/9/02, 10:30pm)

Elaver excepta

Clubonia bishopi

Clubonia canadensis?

Clubonia kastoni

Clubonia maritima

Clubonia obesa

Clubonia spiralis


Castianeira longipalpus (Lower Vine Brook, 7/11/09 2pm)

Castianeira cingulata (Willard's Woods, 9/12/13 11am) An ant-mimic.

(Lower Vine Brook, 7/12/14 1pm)


no species in MA


no species in MA

Deinopidae (Ogre-faced Spiders, Net-casting Spiders)

no species in MA


no species in MA


Dictyna sp. or Mallos sp. (Willard's Woods, 5/23/07 4pm)

Dictyna sp. (Willard's Woods, 5/23/07 4pm, 5/13/07 10am)


no species in MA


Dysdera crocata


Gnaphosidae (Ground Spiders, Mouse Spiders)

Herpyllus ecclesiasticus (Parson spider) (Lexington, 4/27/02 4pm)

Sergiolus capulatus (Willard's Woods, 6/30/02 11am)

Cesonia bilineataCesonia bilineataCesonia bilineata (Willard's Woods, 5/25/19 1pm)

Drassodes gosiutus?

Drassodes saccatus

Drassodes auriculoides

Drassyllus depressus

Gnaphosa muscorum

Haplodrassus bicornis

Micaria longipes

Zelotes duplex? (Willard's Woods, 5/28/06 1pm)

Zelotes hentzi


Antistea brunnea

Cryphoeca montana

Hahnia cinerea

Neoantistea magna

Neoantistea agilis


no species in MA


Hypochilidae (Lampshade Weavers)


Linyphiidae (Sheet-web Spiders)

This is an enormous family with hundreds of species. I have only had the energy to include the species from the 2 genus I have photographed.

Neriene radiatafemale male mating Neriene radiata (Filmy Dome Spider) (Willard's Woods, 6/2/07 9am (2), last female, male, & first mating Lower Vine Brook, 8/19/17 12pm, 6/5/2020 5pm (3)) Unfortunately, I don't have a good picture of the web which would help in identification. This one looks very similar to the spider below, but the colors are definitely different. The male inflates his pedipalp during mating. The video here shows it inflated for a prolonged period. The spider I photographed kept it inflated for no more than a few seconds and unfortunately I couldn't get a sharp photo.

Neriene clathrata

Neriene montana

Frontinella pyramitelaFrontinella communis (F. pyramitela) (Bowl and Doily Spider) (Willard's Woods, 7/10/05 5pm, 5/23/07 4pm, Lower Vine Brook, 7/14/2019 4pm)

(Lower Vine Brook, 5/16/09 5pm)


Agroeca minuta

Agroeca ornata

Lycosidae (Wolf Spiders)

Rabid wolf spidermale female Rabidosa rabida (Lycosa rabida) (Rabid wolf spider) (Willard's Woods, 7/21/02 11am, 9/24/11 1pm)

Rabidosa punctulata

Pardosa sp. (Willard's Woods, 5/27/02 2:30pm, Lower Vine Brook, 5/30/09 11am) These spiders are extremely numerous. I'd estimate perhaps 1 per square foot in the damp fields.

Pardosa sp. (Willard's Woods, 5/13/07 11am) This spider inhabits the same territory as the one above. It doesn't seem as numerous. It might just be a color variant of the spider above.

Wolf sp. with young (Willard's Woods, 5/27/02 3pm)

(Lexington, 6/21/02 11pm)

(Willard's Woods, 4/23/09 11am)

Gladicosa gulosa (Lower Vine Brook, 3/28/09 1pm, 3/20/10 3pm)

Trochosa ruricola (Lower Vine Brook, 7/12/08 12pm)

(Burlington, 6/26/00 11pm) The body was about 3/4" and the legs 1 1/4".

Trochosa terricola (Whipple Hill, 4/21/10 3pm, Lower Vine Brook, 5/24/15 11am)

(Willard's Woods, 8/21/06 10am)

(Burlington, 6/17/00 12am)

Allocosa chamberlini

Allocosa funerea

Arctosa rubicunda

Schizocosa avida

Schizocosa bilineata

Schizocosa communis

Schizocosa crassipalpata

Schizocosa duplex

Schizocosa ocreata

Schizocosa saltatrix

Hogna aspersa

Hogna baltimoriana

Hogna carolinensis

Hogna frondicola

Hogna helluo

Pardosa distincta

Pardosa lapidicina

Pardosa milvina is probably picture of both pardosa sp.

Pardosa moesta could be second photo

Pardosa saxatilis

Pirata montanus

Piratula insularis

Piratula cantralli

Trabeops aurantiacus

Trebacosa marxi

Mimetidae (Pirate Spiders, Cannibal Spiders)

Mimetus puritanus? (Pirate Spider) (Lexington, 7/10/04 12pm, 6/29/02, 11pm)

Mimetus epeiroides?

Mimetus notius


Miturgidae sp.? (Burlington, 6/23/00 2am)

Cheiracanthium inclusum

Cheiracanthium mildei


no species in MA?

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