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Last revised 8/28/2015.

My goals for 2015 are to get at least one photo of an insect in every insect order (fleas, zorapterans, stoneflies, jumping bristletails, diplurans, and proturans are left) and to improve my liverwort, moss, & lichen photographs. I still would like to make the site database-driven, so that searching can be done based on many criteria and the pages could be created on-the-fly with just the search results. However, the learning curve for doing this appears to be quite steep, at least at first glance. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

This site is dedicated to photographs of the wildlife, and now plants, in suburban northeastern Massachusetts, specifically to what I can find in my backyard and neighboring woods in Lexington. Frankly, I am less interested in the flora than the fauna, so I don't know how much progress I will make with the flora. Generally, I enjoy strolling around looking for interesting things. If I find something, I take a picture. Sometimes I get lucky and the photograph is well-composed, well-lit, and in focus with the proper exposure. Most of the time the photo is deficient in some significant way, but that is O.K. with me. I do not enjoy taking the time and effort required to take really excellent photos.

As of my last partial count on 8/10/2014, there are photographs of 1856 different animal species from MA of which I've identified at least to the genus level about 792, or 42.6%, and 119 species of plants, fungi, & lichens.

 Category Sub-category Number of Identified Species Number of Unidentified Species*
Amphibians 11
Birds 62 7
Fish 3 5
Mammals 11
Reptiles 4
Arachnids Spiders 71 115
Harvestmen 1 8
Ticks and Mites 1 17
Pseudoscorpions   3
Crustaceans 5 10
Insects Bees, Wasps, & Ants 44 93
True Flies 36 92
Scorpionflies 3
Caddisflies 1 10
Butterflies 47 11
Moths 302 318
Lacewings & Antlions 1 7
Dobsonflies, Fishflies, & Alderflies 2 2
Beetles 72 108
Twisted-Wing Parasites 2
True Bugs 54 142
Thrips 1
Booklice & Barklice 1 1
Lice 1
Mantids 1
Termites 1
Cockroaches 4
Walking Sticks 1
Grasshoppers, Crickets, & Katydids 18 27
Earwigs 1
Dragonflies & Damselflies 34 14
Mayflies 5
Bristletails 1  
Jumping Bristletails
Springtails 3 14
Myriapods 1 12
Gastropods 2 10
All the Rest   23
TOTAL 792 1064


 Category Sub-category Number of Identified Species Number of Unidentified Species*
Algae 0 1
Ferns 1 2
Fungi 8 29
Grasses 2 1
Lichens 0 14
Oddballs Lycophytes 2 0
Sphenophytes 1 0
Mosses 1 16
Shrubs   2 0
Trees 6 0
Vines 2 0
Wildflowers 17 18
TOTAL 42 81

*Unidentified species may turn out to be variants of already identified species, so the count may not represent the true number of species.

Most of the photographs have been downsampled to 20" x H" x 72 dpi, although new ones (starting in late 2009) are usually at full resolution (I discovered my web host gives me essentially unlimited storage). Higher resolution versions are available for most of the older photos via email . I am slowly going through and replacing the downsampled photos with full resolution versions, but it will take me a long, long time to finish this process.

This web site was created using an Apple iMac (before that a G4 933).

The HTML code was created by Adobe GoLive and is now maintained in Dreamweaver.

I have used the following camera equipment (in chronological order): 2001 -- Nikon Coolpix 950 digital camera, usually with a 2x teleconverter; 2002 -- usually a 3x teleconverter; 2003 -- Nikon Coolpix 5400 camera; 2005 -- Nikon D70s camera, usually with a 60mm Micro Nikkor lens and the camera's own flash; 2007 -- 105mm Micro Nikkor lens and a 70-300mm zoom lens.

Drawings were scanned with an Epson ES1200-C scanner.

All photographs and images were created and edited using Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop.

Web design "philosophy": Simple with lots of pictures. No flashing text. No flashing icons. No annoying music. No scrolling ticker. No advertisements!

I do not claim that this site is particularly well designed (I know it isn't). I just wanted something quick and easy to make.

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