What's New? 7/30/2017

Hyla versicolor baby (Gray Treefrog) (Lexington High School, 7/22/17 3pm)

Strymon melinus (Gray Hairstreak) (Lower Vine Brook, 7/30/17 2pm)Hemaris thysbe (Hummingbird clearwing)

Hemaris thysbe (Hummingbird clearwing) (Lower Vine Brook, 7/30/17 2pm)

Odontotaenius disjunctus (Patent Leather Beetle) (Lexington, 8/9/17 11pm) I found this one in the house.



Everes comyntas (Eastern tailed-blue) (Lower Vine Brook, 9/25/16 4pm) On bush clover.

(Lower Vine Brook, 9/25/16 3pm)


(Lower Vine Brook, 9/11/16 1pm)

(Lower Vine Brook, 9/11/16 1pm)

male (Lower Vine Brook, 9/11/16 1pm)

Calophasia lunula (Toadflax brocade) (Lower Vine Brook, 9/11/16 1pm) A recent European import.

(Lower Vine Brook, 9/11/16 1pm)

(Lower Vine Brook, 9/17/16 4pm)


Xenos peckii (Lower Vine Brook, 8/24/16 3pm)

(Whipple Hill, 8/20/16 11am)

(Lower Vine Brook, 7/7/16 4pm)

(Lower Vine Brook, 7/7/16 3pm)

(Lower Vine Brook, 6/30/16 2pm) This was a large mite that looks like it has hunted and killed an ant.

Monobia quadridens (Four-toothed mason wasp) (Willard's Woods, 8/8/15 4pm)


Solitary Sandpiper (Tringa solitaria) (Whipple Hill, 8/20/16 12pm) This bird had greenish-yellow legs (not visible in this photo). It seems a bit south of its normal summer range...

Great Blue Heron (Whipple Hill, 8/20/16 12pm)

White Admiral (Limenitis arthemis arthemis) (Whipple Hill, 8/20/16 12pm) I am embarassed by the quality of this photo, but the butterfly surprised me while I was watching the heron pictured above and it disappeared into a tree quite a ways away. This was the first White Admiral I've ever seen.

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail (Papilio glaucus), probably 4th instar (Whipple Hill, 8/20/16 12pm)

antlion larva (Lower Vine Brook, 7/16/16 2pm)



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