Ticks and Mites (Acari)

I really dislike ticks. It is an irrational dislike and it annoys me because I keep getting them on me when I go for walks. I have had it since the 1970's, before I knew about Lyme disease and before Lyme was common, but now that Lyme is prevalent in the north-east, my dislike has gotten worse, although better justified. I have had Lyme disease, and I do not really want it again... It is repulsive to me that something will just bury its head into you and then expand its body to ridiculous proportions so that it looks like an inflated balloon, so distended that it is almost unrecognizable. Mosquitos don't disturb me, nor, obviously, do other insects and spiders. In fact, I have learned how to keep the camera still for photographs while mosquitos are biting my hand and fingers!

(Lower Vine Brook, 6/30/15 12pm)

(Lower Vine Brook, 6/29/08 4pm, Dunback Meadow, 7/18/09 3pm) The second one looks like it has caught something to eat. Unfortunately, the photo isn't great.

(Lower Vine Brook, 6/19/11 2pm, 5/12/12 3pm)

(Willard's Woods, 6/14/03 2pm)

(Lower Vine Brook, 5/31/11 6pm) There are hundreds of these mites? constantly crawling on the blue stone top of a short rock wall on our patio. Strangely, I almost never see them on similar stones on the ground. Each is ~1mm long.

(Lower Vine Brook, 6/30/16 2pm) This was a large mite that looks like it has hunted and killed an ant.

(Lower Vine Brook, 9/22/09 12pm) This tick or mite was very fast, especially considering it was only a mm or two long.

female Dermacentor variabilis (Dog Tick) (Lower Vine Brook, 6/27/09 3pm)

(Lower Vine Brook,5/30/11 5pm) An extremely tiny tick or mite.

(Willard's Woods, 7/27/2019 4pm)

(Lower Vine Brook, 7/10/11 3pm)

(Lower Vine Brook, 6/29/13 5pm)

(Lower Vine Brook, 8/6/10 11pm)

(Lower Vine Brook, 7/8/12 1pm) And we think having a tick or mite is bad...

(Lower Vine Brook, 8/21/11 1pm)

(Lower Vine Brook, 8/21/11 1pm)

(Lower Vine Brook, 8/21/11 1pm)

(Lower Vine Brook, 3/23/12 3pm) Under bark.

(Willard's Woods, 8/22/12 3pm)

(Lower Vine Brook, 6/22/2020 2pm) Same as above?

(Lower Vine Brook, 7/14/13 12pm) I was aiming for the black beetle, but closer inspection of the photo showed another brown beetle in the lower right, a baby spider, two ticks or mites (hopefully mites, but they look more like ticks), another fungus beetle, 2 purplish springtails (horribly out of focus), and a truly tiny beetle above and to the left of the black one.

(Lower Vine Brook, 7/20/14 1pm)

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