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If it isn't an amphibian, bird, fish, mammal, reptile, arachnid, crustacean, insect, myriapod, or gastropod, what other kind of animal (Metazoan) could it be? Actually, there is quite a selection. At the highest level, it could be a non-Bilaterian. That is, it could have radial symmetry and not left-right symmetry as all of the other groups listed do. So it could be a Myxozoan, Cnidarian (jellyfish, sea anemone, coral, hydra, etc.), Ctenophoran (comb jelly), Placozoan, or Poriferan (sponge). Most of these are ocean-dwellers, but hydra live in fresh-water ponds, so I suppose I could try to get a picture. Drilling down in the Bilateria, it could be a "worm." There are 11 clades at the level of Nematoda whose common names include the word "worm," so I won't even try to list them all. It could also be a Tardigradan (water bear or my favorite name, moss piglet), Rotiferan (rotifer), Bryozoan (moss animal), Entoprocta (kamptozoan), Brachiopodan (brachiopod or lamp shell), or one of 6 clades that doesn't have a common name. Finally, it could be a non-gastropod mollusc, such as a chiton, bivalve (clam, oyster, etc.), or cephalapod (octopus, squid, or nautilus). Since the vast majority of these are either aquatic, tiny, not photogenic, or impossible to identify without specialized training, I don't expect to take too many photos of them.

Sphaeriidae (Fingernail Clams)

(Whipple Hill, 4/21/10 2pm)

Hirudinea (Leeches)

(Whipple Hill, 4/21/10 2pm)

(Whipple Hill, 4/21/10 2pm)

(Lower Vine Brook, 8/9/2022 6pm) Not sure this is a leech...


(Lower Vine Brook, 4/19/10 2pm) This might be a leech.

(Willard's Woods, 9/24/11 1pm) I don't really have any hope of figuring out what this is, but I thought it made a nice picture on the orange fungus.

(Lower Vine Brook, 10/6/12 12pm) Under the compost bin.

Completely Unidentified

This is a catch-all category for those pictures that I can't even identify enough to put into one of my other pages.

(Lower Vine Brook, 5/5/12 6pm)

(Lower Vine Brook, 10/6/12 4pm) A gall of some sort. I can probably figure this one out.

(Lower Vine Brook, 9/1/12 11am) Perhaps a gall? I can probably figure this one out.

(Lower Vine Brook, 5/26/13 5pm)

(Lower Vine Brook, 10/11/2010)

(Lower Vine Brook, 7/19/2020 11am) It is about 1/2" in diameter and was in a hydrangea bush. Maybe a wasp nest?

(Whipple Hill, 5/11/13 10am) Under a rotting log. An insect.

(Whipple Hill, 5/11/13 10am) Under a rotting log. An insect.

(Lower Vine Brook, 7/14/13 12pm) An insect larva, probably a beetle. Found in a pond.

(Lower Vine Brook, 6/25/2023 12pm) An insect larva, probably a beetle. Found on the edge of a pond.

(Willard's Woods, 8/23/13 4pm) Probably a ladybug larva.

(Willard's Woods, 8/23/13 4pm) Probably a true bug of some sort.

(Willard's Woods, 8/23/13 4pm) An insect larva, but what kind?

(Lower Vine Brook, 9/28/13 11am) Under a log in a dried-up portion of a pond. Insect larvae of some sort.

(Lower Vine Brook, 10/12/13 12pm) An insect, but what kind?

(Willard's Woods, 7/20/14 2pm) Under bark on a dead tree.

(Lower Vine Brook, 9/25/16 3pm) Parasitic wasp cocoons?

(Willard's Woods, 9/10/2010 1pm)

(Lower Vine Brook, 2/19/2010 4pm)

(Lower Vine Brook, 5/5/2019 1pm) Probably a beetle larva...

(Lower Vine Brook, 6/23/2019 1pm) An insect, but what kind?

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