Mantids (Mantodea)

Mantis religiosaMantis religiosaMantis religiosaimmature? Mantis religiosaMantis religiosaMantis religiosaMantis religiosa (Praying Mantis) (Whipple Hill, 9/1/09 12pm) A European import. The third photo clearly shows the distinguishing black-rimmed white spot.

adult nymph Tenodera aridifolia (Chinese Mantid) (Burlington, 11/17/12 11am, Lower Vine Brook, 8/19/17 12pm)

egg case (Lower Vine Brook, 10/12/13 12pm)

From Florida (Loxahatchee, I think) on June 24, 2001 at 5pm, a Thesprotia graminis...

Stalking 1Stalking

Stalking 2Stalking

The PounceThe Pounce

Tug-of-WarA frantic tug-of-war

Closeup of lunchLunch

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