Arion subfuscus? (Dusky Arion) (Lower Vine Brook, 4/4/09 1pm) This slug has darker and more distinct bands than any of the photos I've seen on the web...

(Lower Vine Brook, 9/22/09 11am) This was a particularly gelatinous-looking slug and quite unattractive, especially compared to the rather nice looking one above.

(Willard's Woods, 9/23/09 2pm)

(Lexington, 11/19/09 8pm)

(Lower Vine Brook, 9/14/08 2pm)

(Lower Vine Brook, 9/22/09 11am) Found under the bark of a dead tree.

(Lower Vine Brook, 9/22/09 11am) I found this snail in the leaf-litter by a pond, quite close to the water.

Succinea putris (European Amber Snail) (Lower Vine Brook, 9/22/09 11am, 9/7/13 12pm) These are very common on all sorts of vegetation, including milkweed.

same as above? (Lower Vine Brook, 4/19/10 2pm) Aquatic, but perhaps just visiting?

(Lower Vine Brook, 4/19/10 2pm) Aquatic.

(Whipple Hill, 4/9/11 2pm) This snail was happily oozing along upside down on the surface of the water. I was very surprised that surface tension could support such a large animal. It was moving quite rapidly as well.

(Parker Meadow, 8/20/12 11am) A large snail, perhaps 1.5" long.

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