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This site is dedicated to photographs of the wildlife, and now plants, in suburban northeastern Massachusetts, specifically to what I can find in my backyard and neighboring woods in Lexington. Frankly, I am less interested in the flora than the fauna, so I don't know how much progress I will make with the flora. Generally, I enjoy strolling around looking for interesting things. If I find something, I take a picture. Sometimes I get lucky and the photograph is well-composed, well-lit, and in focus with the proper exposure. Most of the time the photo is deficient in some significant way, but that is O.K. with me. I do not enjoy taking the time and effort required to take really excellent photos.

As of my last count on 6/22/2019, there are photographs of 2111 different animal species from MA and 208 species of plants, fungi, & lichens. I haven't recounted how many I've identified so the table below is still out of date.

 Category Sub-category Number of Identified Species Number of Unidentified Species*
Amphibians 11
Birds 67 6
Fish 3 5
Mammals 14
Reptiles 4
Arachnids Spiders 92 101
Harvestmen 1 9
Ticks and Mites 1 20
Pseudoscorpions   3
Crustaceans 8 7
Insects Bees, Wasps, & Ants 44 93
True Flies 36 92
Scorpionflies 3
Caddisflies 1 10
Butterflies 47 11
Moths 302 318
Lacewings & Antlions 1 7
Dobsonflies, Fishflies, & Alderflies 2 2
Beetles 72 108
Twisted-Wing Parasites 2
True Bugs 54 142
Thrips 1
Booklice & Barklice 1 1
Lice 1
Mantids 2
Termites 1
Cockroaches 4
Walking Sticks 1
Grasshoppers, Crickets, & Katydids 18 27
Earwigs 1
Dragonflies & Damselflies 34 14
Mayflies 5
Bristletails 1  
Jumping Bristletails
Springtails 3 14
Myriapods 1 13
Gastropods 2 10
All the Rest   23
TOTAL 792 1064


 Category Sub-category Number of Identified Species Number of Unidentified Species*
Algae 0 1
Ferns 1 2
Fungi 8 29
Grasses 2 1
Lichens 0 14
Oddballs Lycophytes 2 0
Sphenophytes 1 0
Mosses 1 16
Shrubs   2 0
Trees 6 0
Vines 2 0
Wildflowers 17 18
TOTAL 42 81

*Unidentified species may turn out to be variants of already identified species, so the count may not represent the true number of species.

At this point I think most of the photos are full resolution, but there are still lots that have been downsampled. I am slowly going through and updating those.

This web site was created using an Apple iMac (before that a Mac Mini, an iMac, and before that a G4 933).

The HTML code was created by Adobe GoLive and is now maintained in Dreamweaver.

I have used the following camera equipment (in chronological order): 2001 -- Nikon Coolpix 950 digital camera, usually with a 2x teleconverter; 2002 -- usually a 3x teleconverter; 2003 -- Nikon Coolpix 5400 camera; 2005 -- Nikon D70s camera, usually with a 60mm Micro Nikkor lens and the camera's own flash; 2007 -- 105mm Micro Nikkor lens and a 70-300mm zoom lens; 2017 or 2018 -- Nikon D750 with the same lenses.

Drawings were scanned with an Epson ES1200-C scanner.

All photographs and images were created and edited using Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop.

Web design "philosophy": Simple with lots of pictures. No flashing text. No flashing icons. No annoying music. No scrolling ticker. No advertisements!

I do not claim that this site is particularly well designed (I know it isn't). I just wanted something quick and easy to make.

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